A total of 1,346 new graduates at La Cité collégiale

Ottawa, Thursday June 6, 2013 – A total of 1,346 students from La Cité collégiale are about to see the efforts they have made in recent years be rewarded, as Ontario’s largest French-language college of applied arts and technology is holding its annual graduation ceremonies on Thursday, June 6, and Friday, June 7, 2013.

 “The graduation ceremonies are always an emotion-filled moment for all of us. For our graduates, this moment marks the end of an important stage in their lives and testifies that they have successfully completed their program. For our team of professors, staff members and administrative employees, this means that they can take pride in having contributed countless actions towards the success of our graduates”, said Ms. Lise Bourgeois, President of La Cité collégiale.

 Now that they have their college diploma, graduates from La Cité collégiale can move on to another stage of their career path.

 “By choosing La Cité collégiale, our graduates were able to complete a successful journey and now possess the knowledge, as well as the necessary tools and skills, to take on new challenges. La Cité collégiale and its Board of directors take great pride during these ceremonies,” said Ms. Lise Cloutier, President of La Cité collégiale’s Board of directors.

 Not only do these ceremonies allow students to receive their college diploma, but they represent the perfect opportunity to honor students who have distinguished themselves either by their academic performance, their involvement and commitment, or for any other reason during their time at La Cité collégiale. Here are the main honors and awards that are handed out during the ceremonies:

 Governor General’s Academic Medal

The Governor General’s Academic Medal is awarded to the graduate who has obtained the highest grade point average (GPA) in the course of his or her full-time studies in a post-secondary program. This year, the medal goes to Lyne Bissonnette, from the Social Service Worker program, with a GPA of 4.27 out of 4.30.


La Cité collégiale’s Award of Excellence

Each year, La Cité collégiale hands out an Award of Excellence to the graduating student with the highest grade point average (GPA) of each educational sector in a full-time program. This year’s seven recipients are:


Institute of Health and Life Sciences

Valérie Dufour, Respiratory Therapy


Institute of Emergency and Legal Services

Stéphanie Bruneau, Law Clerk


School of Social and Human Sciences

François Petit, Social Service Worker


School of Administration, Hospitality and Tourism

Célyne Séguin, Office Administration – Executive


Institute of Skilled Trades

Jean-Michel Perron, Motive Power Technician


Institute of Technology

Mario Poulin, Architectural Technology


School of Media, Arts and Communications

Jeremy Cheff, Advanced Interior Design

 Finally, La Cité collégiale took this opportunity to hand out its Student Perseverance Award. For the 2012-2013 academic year, the award went to Christine Dora Nzeyimana, from the Community and Justice Studies program.

 La Cité collégiale is Ontario’s largest French-language college of applied arts and technology. In 2012-2013, more than 90 postsecondary programs are offered at La Cité collégiale, of which 60 are not offered in French anywhere else in Ontario.




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